Piazza San Marco


I grew up outside of Rome. The typical weekend involved day trips all over the Lazio region & on extended holidays visiting top destinations across Italia and Europe. After 26 years in Italy I moved to North Carolina, but that does not stop me from spending 1/2 my time in Italia.

Gaeta, Italy


I was born and raised in the North East – 1 hour outside of New York City. I grew up travelling all over the world. From skiing in the middle of nowhere Alaska, to taking a mud bath in Colombia, to driving a Toyota Yaris into the mountains of Albania. Let my travel pains guide you towards a life changing experience.

We decided to take our experience and create Ciaocation. “Ciao” & “Vacation”. We hated missing hidden gems or eating at a tourist traps. We created our offering so you know exactly where to travel and what to do & avoid the common mistakes.

Our holiday photos!

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